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Sunday December 17 2017 

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Membership fees and subs

Club members pay a joining fee, an annual membership fee and monthly subs.


These monies contribute towards the costs of pool hire, coaching, team registrations for competitions, annual registration to Swim England and insurance. They also support general admin costs associated with running the Club which the Committee strives to keep to a minimum.


Joining fee

New members pay a £25 one-off fee on joining the Club. This includes a joining gift - a red or black Penguin drinks bottle. See them here.


If you leave and re-join you will be asked to pay this fee again. 


Annual membership fee

Our annual membership fee is £35.


Existing members pay the fee in January each year. If your annual renewal is not received by end of January, your Swim England registration may not be renewed and you will not be able to attend training or compete for the Club.


New members pay the fee at the time of joining. The full cost is payable across the year; it is not pro-rata'd if you join part-way through the year.


Monthly subs

You pay monthly subs according to the section of the Club you belong to:



Full subs


Student rate


Men's water polo





Women's water polo





Men's masters water polo





Masters swimming





Juniors water polo






These monthly subs are payable on the first of each month by standing order.


New members

On joining the Club, new members will be required to pay the joining fee and membership fee as a lump sum. You must also provide proof that you have set up monthly subs payments to start on the first of the following month.


Prospective members are welcome to 'try us out' two or three times prior to joining.


Resigning from the Club

If you are leaving the Club you should tell your section manager in writing and cancel your monthly subs payments via your bank. We do not offer refunds if you forget to cancel your payments.


If you stop paying the monthly subs at any point, your membership will be terminated and you will no longer be able to train or compete for the Club, unless you have made prior arrangements though the Committee to temporarily suspend your monthly subs payments.


Re-joining the Club

Former members wishing to re-join the Club will pay the joining fee and the annual membership fee, if it was not renewed it at the start of the year. You must also set up your monthly subs payments.


Temporary suspension of monthly subs payments

You may apply to temporarily suspend payments of your monthly subs by writing to the Committee via the manager of the Club section you belong to. For example, due to pregnancy, relocation for work, redundancy or other personal circumstances.


If your application is approved, you will still be required to pay the annual membership renewal in January.


Temporary reduction in monthly subs payments

The Committee will consider reducing the monthly subs for individual cases of hardship. Please apply in writing via the manager of the Club section that you belong to.


If your application is approved you will still be required to pay your annual membership renewal in January.


We don't offer reductions for members who are not able to attend all training sessions for the section they belong to. Your monthly subs entitle you to attend all the relevant sessions and it’s your choice whether you take up all the water time available to you.


Additional costs to members

Master swimmers entering competitions pay their own fees for individual events and cover their own travel and accommodation costs.


Water polo squads pay their own travel and accommodation costs for competitions. As a team they are also required to cover the cost of their coach's travel and accommodation.


Water polo teams also cover entry fees for invitational tournaments outside of the leagues.